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New at Heinen’s: April 2021

New at Heinen's April 2021

Craft beer-infused premium bratwurst, “Pipsnacks” made with heirloom popcorn and firefighter-approved, fruit-filled salsas packing heat & sweet are some of the latest finds we have in store for you. Get ready to treat your taste buds with our latest new products.

Interested in trying these new arrivals? Order the ingredients online for Curbside Grocery Pickup or Delivery.

1.Niman Ranch New Belgium Craft Beer Sausages
Beer meets BBQ with Niman Ranch’s new Belgium Craft Beer Brats! New Belgium, a brewery with roots in sustainable production and Niman Ranch, an all-natural meat company raising livestock the old-fashioned, way combined forces to bring us a unique line of beer-infused, smoked meat. The result is a well-balanced, juicy sausage with a distinct beer finish. After all, it doesn’t get better than beer and BBQ!

Available in Beer Bratwurst, Voodoo Ranger Mango Habanero Bratwurst.

2. Firehouse Gourmet Salsa
Founded by a retired firefighter and paramedic in Cleveland, Ohio, Firehouse Gourmet fruit-based salsas pack the heat and the sweet! Whether you’re tired of traditional tomato-based salsa or you’re looking to spice up a home-cooked meal, Firehouse Gourmet Salsas, made with fresh fruit and a unique mix of spices, will leave you craving more of these firefighter-approved favors.

Available in Mango Habanero (Mild), Pineapple (Mild) & Mandarin (Mild).

3. Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks
Once upon a time, two siblings discovered a bag of teeny, tiny heirloom corn kernels while packing up their Chicago apartment. They popped it, fell in love with the flavor and tracked down the man who grew it on his family farm in Indiana. Domestic family farms became the secret to their new line of products called Pipsnacks, including Cheese Balls, Crunchies and Corn Dippers in a variety of craveable flavors. Committed to sustainability, Pipcorn upcycles their cheeseballs to create their crackers, which reduces waste in their production process.

Available in Cheese Balls (Cheddar, Cheddar Jalapeno, White Cheddar); Crunchies (Parmesan Truffle, Cheddar); Corn Dippers (Sea Salt)

4. Skinnygirl™ Salad Dressings
Don’t hold the dressing – grab one of Skinnygirl’s fat-free, gluten-free and sugar-free salad dressings. With just 5-10 calories per serving, these dressings are a guilt-free way to add delicious flavor to any salad and their vinaigrettes and poppy seed dressing are certified vegan.

Available in Raspberry Vinaigrette, Poppy seed, Honey Dijon, Balsamic Vinaigrette.

5. Kellogg’s Cereals
Three new Kellogg’s Cereals are now available for you to add to your breakfast menu mix! Brighten your morning with Special K Blueberry featuring crispy flakes with real, whole blueberries. If Raisin Bran is your jam, try Raisin Bran Toasted Oats & Honey for the classic bran flakes you love with toasted wholegrain oats and a touch of real honey. And, if you’re in the mood for a treat, Kellogg’s® Krave® Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cereal wraps smooth chocolate inside an amazing chocolatey crunch. How’s that for a sweet way to start your day?

6. KIND Cereal
Toasted almond slices take center stage in the Dark Chocolate Almond and Cranberry Almond cereals from KIND. If you’d like to add rich dark chocolate chunks or sweet, tart cranberries with grain flakes, oats and quinoa to your morning routine, here’s your chance for a delicious blend in every bite! KIND promises to create products that always lead with a nutrient-dense first ingredient, like whole nuts, whole grains or whole fruit. They are deeply committed to crafting food with real, recognizable ingredients and partner with farmers who share in their passion.

7. Diamond Nut Pie Crust
Diamond’s Nut Pie Crusts are ready to use and made with wholesome Diamond nuts for a buttery, crumbly texture and naturally sweet flavor. Ideal for both sweet and savory fillings, these masterfully blended pie crusts replace some of the flour and sugar found in other ready-to-use pie crusts. Diamond of California has been a made-for-homemade culinary nut staple since 1912 and they’re proud to introduce their wholesome nuts in an entirely new way.

Available in Walnut Pie Crust and Pecan Pie Crust

Also known as “The Original Real Fruit & Nut Bar”, LÄRABAR® is now available in three irresistible new varieties! Go bananas with their Banana Bread bar, a spin on classic banana bread made from a 3-ingriednet blend of bananas, dates and almonds. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip elevates a classic flavor combination in a perfect, 4-ingriedient pick-me-up. Pineapple Upside Down Cake will set your day right-side-up with a delicious blend of dates, almonds and pineapple. Each of these bars are plant-based, gluten free and vegan for a snack that’s tasty, wholesome and convenient.

9. Old El Paso Creamy Queso Sauce
Make any night a taco night with Old El Paso! Inspiring modern Mexican food at home since 1938, their new Creamy Queso Sauce is full of zingy flavor and comes packaged in a convenient squeeze bottle with a no-mess cap to prevent drips and spills.

10. Montanna Sapphire Flour
A customer favorite brought back by popular demand, Ardent Mills’ premium wheat Montana Sapphire Flour is now available at Heinen’s in 5 lb. bags. It’s an enriched, unbleached, all-purpose flour staple for your favorite baked goods and breadings!

11. Randy’s Black Pepper Pickle Chips
Randy’s Pickles is ready to blow your mind with their most unique flavor yet! Their Black Pepper Chip Pickles are made with whole black peppercorns and fresh garlic. Tasting each chip is a flavor journey that starts with spicy black pepper and ends with a smooth garlic finish. Try them with a burger or as a snack right out of the jar.

12. Banza Chickpea Pastas, Mac & Cheese and Rice
For delicious meals that are easy and chickpeas’y, you have to try Banza Chickpea Pasta, Mac & Cheese & Rice. The folks at Banza are chickpea super-fans because of its good-for-you fiber and protein content. Plus, they love that eating beans over beef helps meet greenhouse gas emission goals and in turn supports the environment. Healthy for people AND the planet? Banza says its food that’s a joy in every way and we think that your family will agree!

Available in Pasta (Alphabet), Mac & Cheese (Shells & White Cheddar, Shells & Vegan Cheddar, Shells & Cheddar) & Rice (Classic Chickpea Rice, Garlic Olive Oil Rice, Chipotle Tomato Rice and Ginger Scallion Rice)

13. Forage Blackberry Grape Kombucha
Brewed in small batches and canned for convenience in Madison, Wisconsin, Forage Kombucha was created out of sheer love for the healthy fermented beverage. Great tasting and packed full of gut-friendly probiotics, Forage is ideal for those looking for sustainable, long-term energy or a flavorful, better-for-you alternative to soda and juice. New to our existing assortment is their Blackberry Grape flavor featuring real black tea, green tea and hibiscus!

14. Humm Zero Kombucha
What this 100% real kombucha lacks in sugar, it makes up for in flavor! With billions of probiotics and B12 vitamins, each “absurdly tasty,” Keto-friendly flavor has less than 1 net carb and absolutely no sugar.

Available in Ginger Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, Peach and Blood Orange.

15. Kobuchade (Chicago Only)
Reach a higher self by adding Kombuchade to your daily wellness routine. Inspired by the legend that Samurai warriors drank fermented tea before battle, this Chicago-made kombucha is designed to help you fight the ongoing battle in your gut. Low in sugar and made with real ingredients, have this on hand when you need a boost of energy.

Available in Ginger Chai, Hibiscus, Wild Guava, Ginger and Jasmine.

16. Solaray Mycrobiome Probiotic
No matter your age, gender, dietary preferences or overall health, everyone needs a thriving microbiome. Solaray realizes that one’s microbiome is as unique as their personal fingerprint, so the probiotics used to support it should be, too! Solaray’s Mycrobiome® probiotics are specially formulated with blends of probiotic strains that cater to specific people and needs so each and every person can achieve their gut goals.

Available in Adult 50 Daily, Colon Daily, Men’s Daily, Women’s Daily Throat Daily, Urgent Care Daily.

17. Orange Squeeze Olipop
Satisfy your orange soda cravings while supporting your digestive and immune health with Olipop’s latest flavor, Orange Squeeze. Made from a vitamin C rich blend of natural ingredients, this nostalgic spin on a fan favorite beverage is bubbling with clementine and mandarin juices and a hint of lemon.

18. Alikay Naturals Hair Care
Made from responsibly sourced, high quality ingredients, Alikay Naturals hair care products are designed to provide beauty without compromise. Founded by a young female entrepreneur with a longstanding passion for natural ingredients passed down by her herbalist grandmother, each Alikay Naturals product is friendly for all hair types and made without petroleum, mineral oil, alcohol, parabens, sulfate or silicones to replenish and nourish from the inside out.

Available in Lemongrass Leave in Conditioner, Honey Sage Deep Conditioner, Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil. Lemongrass Sleek Shine Finishing Oil, Lemongrass Hold It Styling Gel, Shea Yogurt Hair Moisturizer, Wake Me Up Curl Refresher and Cowash Me Cleansing.

19. Kate’s Real Food Organic Energy Bars
When you’re in need of a snack to keep you moving through the day, reach for Kate’s Real Food Organic Energy Bars. Operating under the belief that what you eat matters, each and every tasty bar “keeps it simple” using only whole food ingredients like organic gluten-free oats, organic dark chocolate and organic nut butters and no chemicals or artificial sweeteners. Grab one on-the-go for a good-for-you snack!

Available in Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter Hemp & Flax, Dark Chocolate Cherry & Almond.

By Heinen's Grocery Store
In 1929, Joe Heinen opened the doors of a small butcher shop on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio, aiming to establish himself as the city’s purveyor of quality meats. As customers came into Heinen’s new shop for their meat purchases, they began asking him to carry groceries as well. Joe added homemade peanut butter, pickles and donuts and by 1933, business had grown enough to include a line of produce and canned goods. Heinen’s Grocery Store was born.

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