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Dinner with Two Brothers Roast Beef

Dinner with Two Brothers Roast Beef
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Think Outside the Sandwich recipes challenge you to rethink how you incorporate deli meat and cheese into your meals. Our Two Brothers Deli Meats and Cheeses are sourced using our highest standards, continuing the tradition of offering only the best to our customers.

Did you know that our Two Brothers Roast Beef is made using a recipe that dates back three generations to Joe Heinen? That’s just one of the reasons it’s a best seller at your Heinen’s Deli Counter. We choose a fresh cut top round of beef and delicately season it with salt and black pepper before roasting it to perfection.

While it makes for a memorable addition to any sandwich, it also deserves to be the center of the plate at your next party. In fact, we have a great recipe for you to make it a part of your dinner. If you give it a try, let us know what you think using #ThinkOutsideTheSandwich on social media.

Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers

—Sally Roeckell


  • 3 Green Peppers
  • 1 pound of Two Brothers Roast Beef
  • 1 pound sliced Two Brothers Havarti Cheese
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 sweet onion sliced
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 pound sliced fresh mushrooms
  • 1 cup of beef broth
  • salt, pepper, seasonings to taste

Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers


  1. Cut the peppers in half from the stem to the bottom. Pull out the seeds and the stem.  Spray a baking dish with non stick spray and placed the peppers in the dish, open side up.  Place a slice of cheese in the bottom of each pepper.
  2. Slice the onion and chop the garlic while the olive oil is heating in a large skillet over medium/high heat.
  3. Once the oil is hot, put the onion/garlic in the pan and sauté it until the onions begin to caramelize.  I like deliciously soft onions bursting with savory sweetness, so I sautéed mine for about 10-15 minutes.  If you want yours firmer, lessen that time.  Don’t let them burn, if they start to, turn the heat down.
  4. Add the mushrooms and sauté for another few minutes to let the flavors marry.
  5. Cut the roast beef into bite sized pieces. Place the meat into the sauté pan.  Add a cup of beef broth to the mixture and bring to a boil.  Add salt and pepper and desired seasoning.
  6. Once most of the liquid from the beef broth has evaporated, the mixture should look like the filling for a Philly Cheesesteak.  Spoon some of the mixture into each pepper, filling them to the brim.
  7. Bake the peppers at 375° F for about 20-30 minutes until the peppers are soft.
  8. Top each pepper with 2 slices of cheese and put back into the oven for another 10 minutes (make sure the cheese is melted & bubbly).


Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers

Dinner with Two Brothers Roast Beef

Dinner with Two Brothers Roast Beef

Heinen's Grocery Store

By Heinen's Grocery Store

In 1929, Joe Heinen opened the doors of a small butcher shop on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio, aiming to establish himself as the city’s purveyor of quality meats. As customers came into Heinen’s new shop for their meat purchases, they began asking him to carry groceries as well. Joe added homemade peanut butter, pickles and donuts and by 1933, business had grown enough to include a line of produce and canned goods. Heinen’s Grocery Store was born.

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