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Welcome to ClubFx by Heinens

Welcome to
Club Fx by Heinen’s

F is for Food and x is for prescription — we believe food is the key to achieving optimal health.

Club Fx is a FREE program for Heinen’s Tasteful Rewards members that offers education, nutrition tips, product recommendations and recipe inspiration for customers to live their healthiest lives.

Club Fx Perks Include:

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Food for Health Newsletters

Club Fx weekly emails are the best way to stay up-to-date with our latest and greatest wellness information, but for quick summaries from our Chief Registered Dietitian, check out our monthly Food for Health Newsletters.

7 Fx™ Pillars of Optimal Health

7 Fx™ Pillars of Optimal Health

We’ve witnessed many food fads and quick fix diets. However, there are a handful of principles that have stood the test of time. Heinen’s refers to these principles as the seven Fx™ Pillars: “F” is for food and “x” is for prescription.

The seven Fx™ Pillars are basic eating guidelines to optimize your health.

Using a “food-as-medicine” approach, the pillars can be thought of as basic “food prescriptions” for optimal health. Each pillar works with the others to help balance your overall wellbeing.

Fx™ Top 100 List

Fx™ Top 100 List

Our team of wellness experts are committed to simplifying nutrition!

Our Fx™100 List provides 100 recommended foods that can be added to meals to support the seven Fx™ Pillars.

Of course, there are more than 100 foods you can eat for optimal health, but this list makes it easy to get started on your wellness journey.

Smart Supplementation

Smart Supplementation

The Fx™ Pillars and Fx™ 100 foods are most effective when combined with the right whole-food supplements to support key areas of health. Discover five key supplements we recommend adding to your daily routine.

Please consult your medical provider before trying new supplements.

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