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A Healthy Holiday Season with Wellness-Inspired Stocking Stuffers

A Healthy Holiday Season with Wellness-Inspired Stocking Stuffers

This post and photography are courtesy of Nic Abraham.

What’s your favorite type of gift to receive at the holidays? Mine are always the things that I didn’t know I needed. No matter the size, I always know they were given with love. Stocking stuffers are typically small, thoughtful gifts like fun knick-knacks or something that the recipient might have mentioned in passing.

As someone with a passion for holistic living, I tend to stuff my family’s stockings with wellness-inspired goodies. Giving in this way shows that you are listening and, most importantly, value the well being of those receiving your gift.

For example, due to the global health events of 2020, my mom refuses to leave the house and has not pampered herself since January. She’s a woman that loves to visit the spa, so a great stocking stuffer for her is an easy-to-use face or hair mask.

Another example would be getting my husband lip balm because he loves to borrow mine. Lastly, I know my sister would enjoy an all-natural CBD product to help her combat chronic back pain.

You see? It’s easy to get family and friends affordable wellness-inspired products that they will love, and you will be happy to gift.

If you’re in need some wellness stocking stuffer inspiration, I’ve highlighted a few gift ideas that anyone is sure to enjoy.

1. Andalou Naturals Instant Lift & Firm Facial Hydro Serum Sheet Mask
Face masks are an excellent way to give your skin the boost that it needs, especially during the winter. Andalou Naturals’ Instant Lift & Firm Facial Hydro Serum Sheet Mask is enriched with an Age-Defying Hydro Serum to hydrate and replenish skin instantly while soothing, plumping and lifting.

The result is a firmer appearance and a visibly smoother, rejuvenated complexion.

Wellness Stocking Stuffers Face Mask

2. Andalou Naturals Instant Age Defying Face Mask Pod
This BioActive Berry Fruit Enzyme Face Mask instantly refreshes as fruit juice enzymes gently exfoliate dull, dry surface cells to reveal skin’s natural glow and a rejuvenated complexion.

Both of the above masks are gluten and cruelty-free, vegan and verified non-GMO.

3. Aura Cacia Clearing Eucalyptus Mineral Bath
Whether you need to unwind or energize, Aura Cacia’s Mineral Baths are a good option. This Clearing Eucalyptus Mineral Bath evokes a variety of atmospheres and mindsets through aromatherapy.

The fine-textured salts and pure essential oils create optimum benefits for the mind, body and spirit while providing a silky, soap-like cleansing. This mineral bath is paraben and petroleum-free, includes no synthetics and is tested for purity. Grab a few packs in a variety of scents.

Wellness Stocking Stuffers Aromatherapy Mineral Bath

4. Lazarus Naturals CBD Massage Oil
Natural CBD products are growing in popularity as an alternative medicine source. Lazarus Naturals offers a CBD Massage Oil that promotes comfort and relaxation. This full-spectrum, topical-use oil is potent and has been third-party tested for consistency and safety.

Wellness Stocking Stuffers CBD Massage Oil

Heinen’s Wellness Department also offers CBD single packets to increase energy and sleep.

Wellness Stocking Stuffers CBD Packets

Please consult your medical provider before adding CBD to your routine.

5. NOW Solutions Ultrasonic Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser
Unite aromatherapy with modern scientific innovation with an Ultrasonic Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser. It’s BPA-free and uses high-frequency ultrasonic electrical vibrations to create an ultra-fine mist.

This diffusion method doesn’t need heat, which maintains the essential oil integrity and holistic properties.

6. Plantlife Natural & Organic Lip Balms
Nourish, moisturize and soothe your lips with Plantlife’s lip balms that are blended with organic beeswax and olive oil to help seal and protect the lips.

The balms glide on smoothly without a waxy or heavy feeling. Made with organic chamomile, calendula extracts, pure essential oils and Vitamin E, the balms repair and provide natural herbal support for healthy lips. This 3-pack includes a PeppyMint, Herbal and Lavender lip balm.

Wellness Stocking Stuffers Lip Balm

7. Plantlife Sandalwood Aromatherapy Herbal Soap
On top of having a pleasant scent, Plantlife’s Sandalwood Aromatherapy Herbal Soap enhances alertness with its sensuous, full-bodied aroma. The plant-based formula is fresh, natural and suitable for all skin types, especially dehydrated skin.

Bonus: If dry skin is a concern, consider Plantlife’s Body Oils for soft and silky skin. The oils are made with jojoba and apricot oils, as well as Vitamin E.

Wellness Stocking Stuffers Herbal Soap

8. Essential Oils
Essential oils are a great stocking stuffer, especially if you’re already gifting the NOW Solutions Ultrasonic Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser. Consider Heinen’s Defense, Tranquility, Uplift blends and more!

Interested in Stuffing your Stockings with these Wellness Items? Order online for Curbside Grocery Pickup or Delivery.

Nic Abraham

By Nic Abraham

Nic Abraham is a holistic lifestyle and wellness enthusiast who runs the lifestyle blog, A Random’s Life. Her goal is to encourage women to make the necessary changes that lead to a healthier home and life.

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