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Discover The Savvy Cellar: Exceptional Wines at Everyday Prices

Discover The Savvy Cellar: Exceptional Wines at Everyday Prices

The following post was written by Heinen’s Director of Wine and Beer.

Heinen’s wine experts are always on the lookout for wines that offer incredible value. In other words, we’re seeking a “taste-to-price” ratio that makes us exclaim “wow!”.

While some wines hold sentimental value or investment-level value for collectors, we recognize that our customers want wines that they can enjoy on an average evening with friends and family.

Enter the “Savvy Cellar.”

The Savvy Cellar is a curated collection of affordable wines within Heinen’s Wine Department. Each bottle in this collection has been hand-selected by Heinen’s experts for its ability to deliver exceptional flavor and an authentic story, all for $15 or less per bottle. These wines are intended be part discovery, part delight, and part surprise. There is no question that there is a wine for everyone in the Savvy Cellar, regardless of your taste preferences.

Savvy Cellar Wine Signage in the Wine Department at Heinen's

Traditional grape varietals will always be in favor in the Savvy Cellar. In fact, we comb through thousands of wines to find the best representations of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and the like. But shopping in the Savvy Cellar can also expand your horizons, as our set includes wines from lesser known (but highly reputable) grape-growing regions and wines made from grape varietals you’ve likely never heard of but may love based on the varietals you typically reach for. Many of the most beloved wines in our wine department have been uncovered unexpectedly by sipping unfamiliar labels from the Savvy Cellar.

Expanding horizons without breaking the bank is what the Savvy Cellar is all about. Those that are “savvy’ will allow our Wine Consultants to share and suggest our favorite value-driven selections from all over the world. Wading through the vast variety of wines on the market is a tough job, but it’s what our team of wine experts does best.

Whether it is with pizza and pasta on Friday night, or with fish tacos on a Tuesday, you’ll discover a satisfying and surprising pairing in the “Savvy Cellar”. Bring home any of these 35 options and prepare for a pleasant surprise that is guaranteed to over deliver.

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