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We Know Our Sources: Pacifico Aquaculture

We Know Our Sources: Pacifico Aquaculture

Used by some of the best chefs from across the globe, including The French Laundry’s Thomas Keller, Pujol’s Enrique Olvera and Bravo’s Top Chef Masters Winner Rick Bayless, Pacifico Aquaculture’s striped bass is a welcome addition to Heinen’s Seafood Department.

The world’s first and only true ocean-raised striped bass, Pacifico’s product is second to none.  From the farm location to the cold, crystalline habitat and ocean-friendly diet, Pacifico Aquaculture has built an exceptional operation that grows rich, flavorful fish we know you’ll love.

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To help you get to know this source a little better, Chris Cumming, Senior Sales Manager at Pacifico Aquaculture, answered some questions for us.

What makes Pacifico different from other farmed striped bass or any other farmed fish?

Pacifico Striped Bass is the only true ocean-raised striped bass in the world. Of course, striped bass itself is nothing new, but the ocean-raised variety we offer is brand new to the market. Our carefully selected farm site is also one of the most unique in the world.

Let’s talk about your farm site. Where and how are the striped bass raised? What makes this grow site unique?

Our farm is located in Baja California, Mexico, approximately 70 miles south of San Diego and eight miles offshore from nearby Isla Todos Santos—a protected bird sanctuary. The site has strong currents, deep Pacific saltwater and great weather all year round, thus making it the ideal setting for a sustainable, environmentally friendly operation.

Talk a little about the sustainability aspect. In what ways is Pacifico ensuring sustainability, and why should consumers care about these practices?

Pacifico is a Four-Star Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified operation. This means our fish is produced in a way that is considerate of animal welfare and food safety, socially responsible toward the people and communities farming and processing our fish and respective and protective of the environment surrounding our farm.

This is the highest level of certification available to an aquaculture farm, so you should feel confident you’re eating a fish raised to the highest standards in all aspects from egg to harvest.

What are some health benefits related to including Pacifico striped bass in our diets?

It’s been shown eating fish twice per week can provide a variety of health benefits, and the nutritional value of our fish provides you with many nutrients needed to maintain a healthy diet. Plus, our striped bass is an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Can you give us some preparation tips or techniques?

Pacifico striped bass is extremely versatile due to its firm texture that holds up to any type of preparation. It’s great when used in both raw and cooked applications.

I especially like it pan seared with the skin on. The skin crisps up really nicely and adds a new dimension of flavor and texture.

What have you heard from people who have tried Pacifico?

We’ve found people really love our story, the quality of our product and our commitment to sustainable farming practices. Our customers tend to be impressed with the consistent high quality and versatility of the fish.

To learn more about Pacifico Aquaculture’s sustainable farming operation and its striped bass, visit its website at or speak with an associate in our Seafood Department.

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