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What is a Champagne Mango?

You can find the freshest champagne mangos in Heinen’s Produce Department. Check out our other favorite unique items by clicking here.

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  • Smaller than red or green mangoes with intense, sweet flavor and a higher pulp-to-pit ratio
  • Velvety smooth with almost no fibrous texture
  • Oval-shaped and slightly crook-necked
  • Contains over 20 vitamins and minerals
  • One serving (3/4 cup) provides half of your daily vitamin C needs
  • Fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free
  • Only available from March-July
  • Choose mangoes with a deep golden yellow exterior
  • Place in a sealed paper bag with another mango or other ethylene producing fruits (avocados or tomatoes) to speed up the ripening process
  • Delicious in both savory dishes and sweet desserts
Champagne Mango

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