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Delicious Baked Goods

Our full-service, in-store bakeries specialize in artisan breads, signature desserts and sweet treats for any occasion or season. Whether baked in-store or by one of our trusted vendors, we bring traditional, fresh bakery favorites to our shelves.

Heinen’s Bakery Department

Many of our recipes have been used for generations and have been developed by our very own chefs and associates. Our savory sweets, pastries and fresh-baked bread will delight you and your family.

Custom Cakes for Special Occasions

For birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and more, our skilled decorators create cakes of all shapes and sizes to make your celebration or any day special. Our Central Bakery bakes and decorates custom order cakes and delivers them to our stores, making your party planning easier than ever. Call or visit your preferred Heinen’s location to place your order. Two-day notice is required.

Delicious Bakery Trays

We offer a variety of specialty bakery trays, each filled with a unique assortment of our irresistible baked goods, including breakfast bagels, pastries and sweet and savory desserts. Perfect for entertaining at the office, a special event or a casual party.

Artisan Breads

There’s nothing quite like a loaf of bread fresh from the oven, and our bakery makes it easy to have that fresh-baked taste without the hassle of kneading and baking.

From classics like Italian, Ciabatta, Multigrain and Croissants to flavored favorites like Tomato and Asiago, Pumpkin and Fig and Apricot and Cranberry, our assortment of artisan breads is perfect for sandwiches, charcuterie boards, snacking, dipping and so much more!

Assortment of artisan bread loaves
Assortment of vegan snacks available at Heinen's including Hilary's chocolate chip cookies and Divvies cookies

Gluten-Free & Vegan Baked Goods

We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy baked goods, which is why we’ve sought out the best-tasting dietary-friendly sweet treats!

From award-winning gluten free chocolate chip cookies and vanilla cupcakes to vegan and nut free sandwich cookies, we can satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth!

Heinen's Signature Treats


This signature item is on the sweeter side with a nice light texture, more like a corn muffin. It’s made with a secret ingredient that produces an incredibly moist texture: creamed corn.


More than 15 years ago, a team of our bakers tested and tasted their way to what has become regarded as our best-selling signature cheesecake. It’s a special cross between the dense and dry New York-style and the light and moist Philadelphia-style.

Coffee Cakes

Our selection of homemade coffee cakes are ideal for entertaining guests, whipping together leisurely breakfasts and brunches or crafting an easy dessert.

Pumpkin Roll

Every fall, our famous pumpkin roll appears in our stores. It’s made using pumpkin spice cake and a real cream cheese filling, and is available in whole or half sizes.

Decorated Cookies

Throughout the year, we offer cookies that are decorated in fun and creative styles reflective of the season.