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Heinen’s Launches Exclusive “Chubb Crunch” Cereal in Partnership with Star Running Back Nick Chubb and PLB Sports & Entertainment

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[August 17, 2021] Just in time for football season, Heinen’s is proud to partner with 2x Pro Bowl Cleveland running back, Nick Chubb and PLB Sports & Entertainment (PLBSE) to bring “Chubb Crunch” exclusively to Heinen’s shelves.

Available for a limited time at all Heinen’s locations, this exciting collaboration was a hands-on initiative for Chubb, PLBSE and Heinen’s with Chubb having an active role in every detail from the unique box design to the delicious cinnamon cereal inside.

Chubb Crunch Cereal Box

“I’m excited to release Chubb Crunch,” says Chubb. “It’s always been a dream to have my own cereal, especially one that benefits a cause that is close to my family.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Chubb Crunch benefit First Candle, an organization committed to eliminating Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related infant deaths through education, while providing support for grieving families who have suffered loss.

“Nick’s amazing abilities on the field are matched by his community focused efforts off of it. Nick is exactly the type of player and person we strive to work with,” says Troy Witt, Director of Marketing and Partnerships for PLBSE, a company that has created unique brands and lines for athletes and entertainers for more than 30 years.

Nick Chubb and Chubb Crunch Cereal

The Heinen’s team is honored to work with a Cleveland icon who has brought immense hope and pride to their flagship city.

“Heinen’s is thrilled to be partnering with Nick Chubb and PLB Sports & Entertainment on Chubb Crunch. Nick has become an important part of the Cleveland sports community as well as a role model on and off the field. We feel that Nick’s values align with our own values at Heinen’s, and we are honored to serve as the exclusive retailer for Chubb Crunch,” says Kim Heinen, Manager of Packaged Goods at Heinen’s.

Whether you’re a Nick Chubb fan or simply love the world of pro football, grab a box of Chubb Crunch at Heinen’s while supplies last.

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