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5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Eating Healthy

5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Eating Healthy

Eating healthy isn’t always easy, but committing to a healthy diet can be the smartest decision you ever make. Why? Not only can eating well make you look and feel better, it can also save you money. If you need some help getting motivated, here are my top reasons to include a few more nutrient-packed foods into your diet.

1. Increase productivity

Like a car, your brain needs quality fuel to run efficiently. When it comes to your job, working more efficiently can help you earn more, since high achievers are usually first in line for promotions and raises. The reason? A person will experience increased focus shortly after improving their diet with nutritious foods and supplements.

2. Save money on health and life insuranceFruits and Veggies

If you’re lucky enough to have an employer that provides health coverage discounts based upon parameters that reflect a healthful state, count your blessings! You can save a considerable amount of money through those discounts. In addition, life insurance premiums are partially based on how healthy you are. By simply switching to a healthier diet and dropping a few pounds before you apply for a policy could significantly lower your costs.

3. Enhance mood

What you eat has an impact on your brain, including the parts that regulate mood. Maintaining stable blood sugar through regular, proper nutrition will help you feel better overall on most days. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals, such as sprouted grains and seeds and fresh vegetables and fruits, are associated with a lower risk of depression, as are foods rich in omega-3 fats, such as nuts, salmon and other fatty fish.

4. Regulate weight

Most people know this one, but I have to mentionSalad and Tomatoes it because more than half of Americans are overweight or obese, and obesity contributes to 1 in 5 American deaths. Simple healthy choices such as replacing soda with water, choosing veggies instead of chips, and ordering a side salad in place of fries not only will help you lose weight, it also can help you save money. The average obese person spends $3000 more on health care per year than a normal-weight counterpart.

5.Live longer

The same diseases that make you feel bad and cost a lot of money may also lower your life expectancy. Many studies show associations between a long life and a healthy diet which includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins and plenty of omega-3 fats.

In closing, I have a little more food for thought for you. You owe it to yourself to treat your body well. Your body is your temple and you are housed in it. Your body continuously treats you well, so feed it with whole nutrient foods that are good for your body. In return your body will thank you – and I will thank you too!

Carla A. Iafelice, B.S. Foods & Nutrition – Wellness Consultant – Heinen’s Downtown

Carla Iafelice

By Carla Iafelice

With a B.S. in Food and Nutrition, Carla brings her knowledge and passion for helping others to our Heinen’s Mayfield Village Wellness Department and Personalized Nutrition Center.

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