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A Delicious Guide to Quick and Easy Holiday Appetizers

A Delicious Guide to Quick and Easy Holiday Appetizers

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we all need foods that are equally delicious and easy to make. With a full holiday meal on the to-do list, there’s little time to worry about homemade appetizers!

Save yourself from this holiday hassle and opt for a few of our favorite premade and frozen appetizers that are sure to impress without the stress!

1.Heinen’s Spinach Dip with Pumpernickel Bread
Treat your taste buds to something luscious and creamy with this perfect pairing! Simply heat our homemade spinach dip and slice a fresh loaf of pumpernickel bread from the bakery and you’re ready to dip!

To create an impressive presentation, serve the dip in a pumpernickel bread bowl and skip the cleanup later.

2. Heinen’s Crab Dip with Brazi Bites
Made with the freshest crab meat, our delicious crab dip is a rich and elegant way to enhance any appetizer spread. For a dipping option that is equally tasty, ditch traditional crackers and grab a package of Brazi Bites from our freezer aisle. Created white wholesome ingredients in the style of traditional Brazilian cheese bread, these fluffy, cheese-filled bread balls are the perfect bite-size vessel for our crabby counterpart!

Brazi Bites

3. Goat Cheese Medallions with Heinen’s Fruit Crisp Crackers
Cheese is the ultimate appetizer and this combination is sure to wow all who enjoy it! Velvety smooth and just a bit tangy, our goat cheese medallions are mouthwatering when topped with fruit spread or preserves and paired with our extra crunchy, customer favorite fruit crisp crackers.

4. Perfect Bite Frozen Appetizers
A fresh take on frozen, there’s a reason that these little appetizers are called perfect! Created to give everyone delicious food for special moments, Perfect Bite believes that freezing is nature’s pause button. That’s why, no matter the season, each of their delicious “poppable” appetizers are packed with fresh, wholesome ingredients that deliver natural richness, nutrient density and big flavor. Simply open, thaw and heat and enjoy! Available in Pastry Kisses, Everything Dog in a Blanket and Egg Bites.

Interested in making these appetizers? Order them online for Curbside Grocery Pickup or Delivery.

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