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How to Make the Perfect Mimosa

How to Make the Perfect Mimosa

The following post was written by Heinen’s wine expert, Ed Thompkins.

Who would have imagined that the combination of two humble ingredients could create so much delicious pleasure? When sparkling wine meets fresh citrus juice, the stars align to create the mimosa, a refreshing beverage that’s perfect for celebrating the average weekend or a special holiday.

The specific details of the birth of the mimosa vary slightly, but two critical points are of importance. In 1921, at the Buck’s Club in London, the “Buck’s Fizz” was invented. It was a drink made of champagne and orange juice, like a mimosa, but with a slightly higher ratio of sparkling wine to juice. A mimosa contains equal parts orange juice and sparkling wine. It is believed that a bartender in 1925 at the Ritz Hotel in Paris created the mimosa that we now know today.

Bottles of Champagne with Grapefruit and Orange Mimosa and Citrus Fruit

Although making the perfect mimosa may sound simple, using the best bubbles, the freshest juice and the right ratio of ingredients makes all the difference. We’re here to share all of our mimosa must-haves!

The Bubbles

While the first mimosas used true French champagne exclusively, the modern day versions feature less expensive (but equally delicious) sparkling wines like, Italian Prosecco and Spanish Cava. Our favorite picks include:

  • Casa de Fiori Prosecco: This is our favorite everyday Prosecco because it’s simply delicious and a terrific value. We recommend that you take advantage of our 6 bottles for 10% discount when entertaining a group for brunch.
  • Dibon Cava: Spanish Cavas are becoming more and more popular, but this one has been our go-to wine for years. Its fresh, clean flavors make for a perfectly elegant mimosa!

The Juices

Did you know that we have been fresh squeezing citrus juice in our stores for decades? Available year round in orange and grapefruit, and in blood orange during citrus season, they add incomparable freshness to any mimosa. Look for them in our Produce Department.

The Ratio

While there is technically no written rule for the ratio of juice to sparkling wine, we see the perfect mimosa as one that has equal parts of each. For larger gatherings, make them by the pitcher!

Orange and Grapefruit Mimosa with Heinen's Fresh Squeezed Orange and Grapefruit Juice

How to Elevate your Next Mimosa

If you’re looking to take the classic mimosa to the next level, this new concoction is sure to satisfy your creative thirst. We call it the Rosé Spritz – a combination of equal parts Heinen’s freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and Codorniu Anna Cava Brut Rosé.

Grapefruit Mimosa with Anna Brut Rose

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