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New at Heinen’s: Fresh Finds for Your Meal and Wellness Routines

New at Heinen’s: Fresh Finds for Your Meal and Wellness Routines

Bust those winter blues and allow Heinen’s to put a spring in your step! While the seasonal transition won’t occur for another few weeks, we’re thrilled to roll out a variety of new items. From delicious gourmet cheese and artisan pasta to authentic olives and even a dissolvable supplement for your wellness regimen, there’s plenty to discover on our shelves.

So, come in, warm up and see what piques your interest – we’ve always got something new and special for you!

Heinen's Hand-Selected Fresh Goat Cheese Log in Its Packaging on a Dark Blue Background

1. Heinen’s Hand-Selected Fresh Goat Cheese Log (Arriving March 2024)
Created exclusively for Heinen’s by the award-winning Mackenzie Creamery, located in Hiram, Ohio, our new Heinen’s Hand-Selected Fresh Goat Cheese Log is one of the creamiest, smoothest cheeses you’ll taste this year. The natural, hand-crafted artisan cheese is rich in protein and healthy dairy nutrients. But the goat cheese goodness doesn’t stop there. It evenly spreads onto crackers, toast and veggies for a snack, or you can work it into a variety of recipes from cheesecake to chicken and waffles to mini goat cheese balls and more. Trust us, you don’t want to sleep on this amazing new goat cheese. Located in our Cheese Department.

Heinen's WHole Castelvetrano Olives in their Packaging on a Vibrant Blue Background

2. Heinen’s Whole Castelvetrano Olives
Our famous olives take you on a tour around the globe. A few bites instantly transport you to intriguing places like Greece, Italy, Turkey, Spain, France and California. Best of all, they’re seasoned without preservatives or artificial flavors and contain no synthetic colors. You can feel good trying as many as your palate desires!

New to our assortment of olives are our delicious Whole Castelvetrano Olives. Coming from Sicily, these olives are known for their mild, buttery flavor, crisp bite and meaty texture. They’re perfect for cheeseboards and snacking! Located in the Deli Department.

Flour Pasta Co. Fresh Pasta Packaging on a Light Blue Background

3. Flour Pasta Co. Handcrafted Dried Pasta
Craving pasta that tastes like it’s straight out of an Italian ristorante? Flour Pasta Company brings us hand-crafted pasta that combines old-world techniques, modern methods and artisanal quality. They partner with premium flour and grain suppliers to ensure the freshest and most authentic pasta dishes arrive at your dinner table. Located in the Pasta Aisle.

Available in Orecchiette, Rigatoni, Gargenelli and Elbow.

Nu Strips Packaging on a Grey Background

4. NuStrips Dissolvable Dietary Supplements (Arriving March 2024)
Designed to dissolve on your tongue in a matter of seconds, NuStrips are revolutionizing the way you consume supplements. Using a patented In a Strip® technology, each dissolvable strip contains the same active nutrients as two or three pills or gummies. The ingredients get to work quickly, too, rather than sitting around in your digestive system.

Best of all, NuStrips contain only vegan, high quality ingredients, natural flavors and zero added sugar. It’s the clean supplement technology you’ve been waiting for. With all that said, are you ready for the NuStrip revolution? Located in the Wellness Department. Please consult your healthcare provider before beginning a new supplement.

Available in Sleep, Beauty and Cinnamon Vanilla Energy.

Heinen's Grocery Store

By Heinen's Grocery Store

In 1929, Joe Heinen opened the doors of a small butcher shop on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio, aiming to establish himself as the city’s purveyor of quality meats. As customers came into Heinen’s new shop for their meat purchases, they began asking him to carry groceries as well. Joe added homemade peanut butter, pickles and donuts and by 1933, business had grown enough to include a line of produce and canned goods. Heinen’s Grocery Store was born.

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