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Products to Pack in your Summer Picnic Basket

Products to Pack in your Summer Picnic Basket

A summer full of perfect picnics starts at Heinen’s! Whether you’re picnicking in the park, on a beach or at an outdoor music venue, it’s easy to elevate the occasion with our incredible selection of high-quality, ready-to-enjoy appetizers, mains, drinks and desserts!

Grab a blanket and a Heinen’s box tote and mix and match from the outdoor-friendly food options below to create the perfect low-prep picnic!


Heinen’s Daily Bites Sandwiches and Wraps

Sandwiches and wraps are quintessential picnic food because they’re easy to eat and can be enjoyed cold. Keep your picnic classic by making Heinen’s Daily Bites Sandwiches and Wraps the star of your spread. From chicken salad on fluffy croissants, to chicken Caesar wraps and roast beef sandwiches with all of the beloved sandwich toppings, the options are simply endless.

Four Heinen's Daily Bites Sandwiches and Wraps in their Containers on a Red and White Checkered Blanket

Heinen’s Daily Bites Fried Chicken

Not all picnic dishes have to be served cold! On the way to your picnic, swing by our Prepared Foods Department for a bag of Heinen’s Daily Bites Fresh Fried Chicken. Crispy on the outside and perfectly tender and juicy on the inside, this fried chicken is an easy, mess-free way to incorporate summer comfort food to your picnic plans.

Heinen's Daily Bites Fried Chicken on a Red and White Checkered Blanket

Heinen’s Daily Bites Greek Pasta Salad

Reach picnic perfection by adding a pasta salad to your basket. Premade and packaged using fresh ingredients like olives, tomatoes and feta cheese in our Daily Bites Greek Pasta Salad, these make a great meal on their own, or a satisfying side dish. Check out our other Daily Bites Pasta Salads.

A Red and White Checkered Picnic Blanket with Sandwiches and Bowls of Dips and Chips

Appetizers and Snacks

Heinen’s Cheese Nibblers

Featuring an assortment of pre-cubed specialty cheeses, Heinen’s Cheese Nibblers are delicious on their own, served alongside fresh fruit, arranged on a DIY cheese board or skewered on toothpicks with your favorite charcuterie meat.

Heinen's Cheese Nibblers Package on a on a Red and White Checkered Blanket

Heinen’s Specialty Cheese Spreads

Spreadable and dippable, Heinen’s Specialty Cheese Spreads are an easy way to elevate the flavor of any picnic. Made in-house using the highest quality specialty cheeses like Jarlsberg and Adam’s reserve, grab a variety or two to spread on crackers and crostinis.

Two Containers of Heinen's Specialty Cheese Spreads on a Red and White Checkered Blanket

Heinen’s Fresh-Cut Vegetables

Pre-washed, cut, packaged and ready to enjoy, Heinen’s Fresh-Cut Vegetables are a great way to sneak healthful color into your picnic spread. For a variety of veggies, opt for our mixed vegetable bowl. If you know exactly what veggie your crew craves, reach for one of our single variety containers.

Salt & Twine Charcuterie Meat

Sold in packaging that’s easy to transport and open, Salt and Twine Charcuterie Meats are made in small batches from antibiotic-free pork that is aged low and slow without any nitrates. From pepperoni and prosciutto to Genoa salami, add these cold cuts to a charcuterie board, or layer them on Heinen’s Entertainment Crackers or a fresh French baguette with a jam or mustard and Heinen’s Cheese Nibblers.

Four Packages of Salt & Twine Charcuterie Meats on a Red and White Checkered Blanket

Heinen’s Assorted Entertainment Crackers

A variety of cheeses and charcuterie meats calls for an equal assortment of crackers! Heinen’s Assorted Entertainment Crackers have you covered! Featuring graham crackers, vegetable crackers, original water crackers, poppy & pepper water crackers, original entertainment crackers and multigrain entertainment crackers, there’s a crunchy option for everyone at your picnic in one convenient box! Add them to a charcuterie board or use them as a vessel for your favorite Heinen’s dips.

Heinen's Assorted Entertainment Crackers Box on a Red and White Checkered Blanket

Heinen’s Fresh French Baguette

If your vision of the perfect picnic includes a fresh loaf of bread peaking out of the top of the basket, Heinen’s French Baguette is the one to buy. Baked fresh and full of the hearty texture you expect from a crusty bread, slice and toast the loaf before your picnic to serve as a crostini with your favorite toppings, or whisk up olive oil and dried herbs in advance for dipping.

Heinen’s Fresh Made Guacamole

Few things compare to the vibrant flavor of guacamole on a warm summer day! Made fresh in-store with premium ingredients, including Hass avocados, simply toss a container of Heinen’s Fresh Made Guacamole in your picnic basket and serve it with your favorite chip or fresh veggies.

A Container of Heinen's Fresh Made Guacamole on a Red and White Checkered Blanket

Heinen’s Organic Salsa

Equally zesty and dippable, Heinen’s Organic Salsa is an easy addition to any picnic basket. Available in mild and medium, it’s extremely authentic and best served with Heinen’s Tortilla Chips.

A Jar of Heinen's Organic Mild Salsa on a Red and White Checkered Blanket

Heinen’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

An outdoor summer meal simply isn’t complete without a good potato chip! Kettle cooked in small batches and available in four delicious, familiar flavors, Heinen’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are the ultimate salty snack!

Two Bags of Heinen's Kettle Cooked Potato Chips on a Red and White Checkered Blanket

Heinen’s Organic Tortilla Chips

Available in blue and white corn varieties, Heinen’s Organic Tortilla Chips have all the saltiness and crunch of the national brand chips you love without artificial flavors or colors.

Pre-Packaged Picnic Snacks on a Red and White Checkered Blanket


Heinen’s Organic Bottled Teas and Lemonades

Satisfy your summer thirst with a bottle of Heinen’s Organic Teas and Lemonades. Made with fresh, all natural flavors and available in over a dozen delicious varieties, they’re the perfect kid-friendly refreshment or adult mixer.

Heinen's Organic Bottled Teas and Lemonades on a Red and White Checkered Blanket

Chateau Haut Riot White Bordeaux

If wine is more your style when dining outdoors, grab a bottle of Chateau Haut Riot White Bordeaux from the Wine Department. Fruity and fresh with flavors of pineapple and citrus, this Sauvignon Blanc is available for just over $10 a bottle. For more exceptional and affordable wine finds, check out the Savvy Cellar section of Heinen’s Wine Department.

A Bottle of Sauvignon Blanc on a Wooden Board and Red and White Checkered Blanket with Wine Glasses.

Founders All Day IPA

Nothing beats a cold brew on a warm day and this All Day IPA screams summer from the first sip! Created by Founders Brewing Company, this easy drinking IPA is best known for it’s colorful can and refreshing citrus, floral and tropical fruit notes.

Four Cans of Founders All Day IPA on a Red and White Checkered Blanket


Heinen’s All Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Soft, chewy and made with real butter and whole, fresh eggs, Heinen’s Chocolate Chip Cookies are the made-from-scratch treat that you don’t have to bake yourself. Bring a package to your picnic and they’re sure to go fast.

Heinen's All Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies on a Plate with Brown Butcher Paper

Heinen’s Personal Tarts

A personal-size treat makes the perfect end to a summer picnic. If you’re looking for something classic, sink your sweet tooth into our Pecan Bourbon Tart. For something fruity, we recommend indulging in our Mini Bavarian Fruit Tart, and for something shareable, you can’t go wrong with our macarons or half pies!

Three Heinen's Pecan Bourbon Tarts on Butcher Paper and a Red and White Checkered Blanket
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