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The Best Spring Floral and Plants for Boosting Your Mood

The Best Spring Floral and Plants for Boosting Your Mood

This post and photography are courtesy of Nic Abraham.

Flowers and plants have the ability to make us happy. They have a way of connecting us to nature while stimulating our emotions with beautiful colors. Flowers and plants can quickly bring a smile to our faces, which is something we so desperately need right now. In fact, studies have shown that they boost moods, improve concentration and productivity and reduce stress levels. If your tables and windowsills are bare, consider adding some of the best spring flowers or plants to brighten up your day.

Bouquet of Spring Flowers

Extremely popular in the south, we can also enjoy azaleas during our warmer months. The flowering shrubs bloom in mid-to-late spring with the flowers lasting for several weeks. The bright colors are a great addition to any room.

One of the most fragrant flowers to have around are hyacinths. On top of smelling amazing and scenting your entire home, the flowers come in a wide variety of colors. Hyacinths require little care and are great for indoor environments.


Daffodils are planted in the fall and bloom in early spring. The most popular daffodil color is yellow, but the can also be green, pink, yellow-and-orange, yellow-and-white and white-and-orange. They are great as a bouquet or growing in a sunny window.

When you see pansies, you know that spring is officially here. These cool-temperature bloomers are a spring staple and provide a long flowering season. The lovely flower comes in three color patterns and some have a pleasant scent. If your thumb isn’t all that green, consider pansies as they are easy to grow and require minimal care. Enjoy them indoors or on the porch in a large flowerpot.


Peonies are a fan favorite! The beautiful flowering plant blooms from spring to summer and, when planted in a garden, will come back every year. Peonies are known for their longevity and make excellent house plants thanks to their sweet scent.

Pussy Willows
Native to North America, the weeping pussy willow blooms in the spring. The male trees are distinct in that they produce catkins (small fuzzy flowers full of pollen) earlier than their female counterparts. Pussy willows make great indoor plants and can be moved outside when the frost is gone. Also known as the tree of enchantment, pussy willows are considered one of the most graceful trees. As legend has it, the pussy willow fulfills wishes with magical power, among other things.

Pussy Willow

When thinking of a popular spring flower, tulips always come to mind. With a variety of colors, flower shapes and heights, most tulips start sprouting up in March. This blooming perennial is an excellent addition to any home or as a bouquet. Some tulips are even fragrant.


If you’re looking for an easy way to boost the mood of everyone in your home, Heinen’s has lots of prepared bouquets. Adding a bundle of flowers, such as crazy daisies or chrysanthemums to your kitchen windowsill or bookshelf, will surely bring a smile to your face!

Crazy Daisies

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