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The Secret to Heinen’s Fresh, Long Lasting Produce

In our Produce Department, we take pride in sourcing the largest and highest quality selection of fresh fruits and veggies.

You’ll notice the quality not just by the appearance of the produce in our stores, but by how long it lasts in your kitchen. From lettuces and herbs to apples and citrus, there’s a reason why our produce lasts longer, and it starts with our attention to temperature.

From our farmers, to our Produce Buyers and Inspectors, to our in-store Produce Associates, we go the extra mile to care for our fresh produce along its journey to your grocery basket.

Discover our secrets to ensuring that the produce you buy from Heinen’s stays fresher longer!

From the Farm to our Warehouse

We start monitoring the temperature of our produce from the moment it is picked and packed by our growers. When it arrives to our warehouse, we receive a full update on the temperature in the truck to guarantee that our produce was safely refrigerated throughout its entire journey.

Fresh Produce on Farm

At our Warehouse

Once it passes our strict inspection, we transfer each case of produce to the right cooler at the right time so it always remains at its optimal temperature.

Our goal is to get this fresh produce to our stores as quickly as possible, so it doesn’t live at the warehouse long! We delicately pack our produce on temperature-regulated trucks and make deliveries to our stores within a day.

Heinen's Produce Warehouse

At our Stores and In Your Basket

Temperature regulation is just as important at our stores as it is at our warehouse, so we’ve educated our Produce Associates on our high standards to continue to raise the bar on our produce experience.

They swiftly place the produce in our store coolers upon delivery, then transfer the items to the Produce Department to preserve the flavor and integrity of each item, but it doesn’t stop there.

Fresh Cut Produce In Store

Once on display in our stores, our associates check the produce for freshness regularly to guarantee that the selection is the best.

Take our apples for example! While you may keep your apples on the counter, apples are actually best stored in a cool, refrigerated environment to maintain their moisture and crunch. You’ll rarely see our apples displayed on dry tables; instead, we’ve invested in refrigerated cases to keep our apples fresh and crisp longer.

The next time you shop Heinen’s Produce Department, you can take comfort in knowing that we’ve cared for each fruit and veggie from the farm to your basket.

Click here for tips on properly storing fresh produce at home.

Interested in learning more about our Produce Department?

Heinen's Grocery Store

By Heinen's Grocery Store

In 1929, Joe Heinen opened the doors of a small butcher shop on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio, aiming to establish himself as the city’s purveyor of quality meats. As customers came into Heinen’s new shop for their meat purchases, they began asking him to carry groceries as well. Joe added homemade peanut butter, pickles and donuts and by 1933, business had grown enough to include a line of produce and canned goods. Heinen’s Grocery Store was born.

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