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We Know Our Sources: Mayfield Road Creamery

We Know Our Sources: Mayfield Road Creamery

By sourcing milk directly from the dairy farm on which it is located, Mayfield Road Creamery—led by fifth-generation dairy farmers Kevin and Susan Morris—is able to produce some of the most exceptional small-batch cheeses in the region. Founded more than 150 years ago in Orwell, Ohio, the Morris farm now cares for a Holstein herd of approximately 30 cows.

In their work, Susan and Kevin have always followed one very important rule of thumb: Quality small-batch cheese begins with high-quality milk from happy cows. That’s why their cows are grass-fed and raised with special attention to responsible and humane farming practices, which means growth and milk production hormones are never used and the animals’ welfare is always at the center of the Morris farm milk production.

Mayfield Road Creamery is a farmstead creamery that produces local cheeses with a sense of place over time. Since the cheeses are produced from the milk of the herd that grazes on the same property, the local flora the cows eat definitely present themselves in the final cheeses produced directly on-site.

Here at Heinen’s, we have been proud to partner with the Morris family and Mayfield Road Creamery since 2012. We carry their full line of local, artisanal, farmstead cheeses that have been carefully aged over time to develop complex flavors. Most are made from unpasteurized milk—the exception is their brie/camembert-style Bloomfield cheese made from pasteurized milk, following USDA guidelines.

Selection of Mayfield Road Creamery cheeses

Mayfield Road Creamery Goudas are full-flavored and unpasteurized cheeses. They run the range of young to aged varieties. The creamery also makes Havarti cheese which is mild, smooth and creamy. Whether it is plain, red pepper or dill flavored, there is sure to be one that will become your instant favorite!

Mayfield Road Creamery Dill Havarti cheese

Anne Somoroff

By Anne Somoroff

Anne Somoroff is the Specialty Cheese Buyer and Merchandiser at Heinen’s and has been with the team for 13 years. Anne has an extensive background in the cultural arts, visual arts and merchandising, including a degree in Archaeology/Anthropology, with a Fine Arts emphasis. With interests deeply rooted in global and edible culture as they pertain to specialty cheese, wine and the culinary arts, Anne is a passionate, life-long student and a seeker of the connections between people, culture, food and drink. Anne enjoys people, travel, food, and the arts, and incorporates these interests into her everyday life.

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