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What are Rave Apples?

You can find the freshest Rave Apples in Heinen’s Produce Department. Check out our other favorite unique items by clicking here.

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  • The natural result of a cross between the beloved Honeycrisp and MonArk, a variety from Arkansas
  • Available in early August due to the MonArk’s ability to color and ripen early in the growing season
  • Grown on Stemilt Farms in Washington state
  • Perfectly round with a bright fuchsia-red skin that covers a yellow flesh
  • Known for being extremely juicy with a refreshing snappy zing
  • Crisp, fine, white flesh that fractures just like Honeycrisp
  • Excellent apple for snacking and fresh applications like cheeseboards and salads
  • Due to its juiciness, it is not ideal for cooking or baking
  • Store in the coldest part of the refrigerator away from strong-smelling foods like onion and garlic