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Dairy & Dairy Alternatives

Got milk? We sure do, but that’s not where our dairy department ends. In fact, dairy has been one of our fastest growing departments since we’ve committed to offering our customers the very best selection of plant-based dairy alternatives to meet the needs of every lifestyle.
Heinen’s Dairy Department

Heinen’s Dairy Department

Our dairy department sure has evolved over the years. Back when we first started selling groceries, your options were whole, 2%, 1% and skim. Those options still exist today, but they sit alongside hundreds of other dairy and dairy alternatives. 

However, regardless of how much this department has changed, we continue to take great care in sourcing the highest quality products. Many of our milks, cheeses and yogurts come from dairies run by local families, which allows us to offer a trusted, superior-tasting product.

From the dairy farm to the chicken coop, you’ll want to grab a dozen of our specialty eggs! From cage free to organic to pasture raised, our assortment is diverse, fresh and ahead of it’s time for traditional grocery stores.

Our Heinen’s brand products—including premium organic and natural products—meet these same quality standards.

Dairy Alternatives

As dairy alternatives have surged in popularity in recent years, we’ve greatly expanded our line of plant-based dairy products available on our shelves to meet the demand and dietary needs of our customers. From nut milks and cheeses to coffee creamers and yogurts, we aim to source the highest quality and best tasting alternatives.

Plant Based Dairy Department
Bowl of Cage Free Brown and White Eggs

Cage-Free Egg Selection

Heinen’s selection of shell eggs will now be sourced exclusively from cage-free hens. Discover what led to this sustainable transition and what it means for you!