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Midwest Product Spotlight

Midwest Product Spotlight

The following story was written by Heinen’s partner Elaine T. Cicora.

Founded in 1929 as a modest butcher shop on Cleveland’s east side, Heinen’s has long embraced locally-made, locally-grown and locally-sourced foods.

In the process, the company has not only built an inventory of high-quality products, but it has played a vital role in supporting the farmers and artisanal food scene of the Midwest. Today, Heinen’s carries more than 700 Midwest-made items throughout its stores. Here’s a look at 10 of the most popular.

Ohio-Made Products

Hartzler Dairy
All-Natural Dairy Products | Wooster, OH

A true leader in sustainable farming, the Hartzler family has been committed to natural, organic methods – free of chemicals, pesticides and herbicides – since 1964. In 1990, the family made the momentous decision to start offering their wholesome milk to the community: The first bottle of Hartzler Dairy milk was purchased at their Wooster store in 1996. Today, their nutrient-rich, non-homogenized milk is a favorite of Heinen’s customers. Available at Cleveland Heinen’s locations only.

Learn more about Hartzler Dairy.

Hartzler Dairy Chocolate Milk

Ohio City Pasta
Fresh Pastas and Sauces | Cleveland, OH

When Cleveland chef, Gary Thomas, decided to launch his own handmade pasta company way back in 1991, he had no idea it would grow into the beloved Midwestern mainstay it is today. But why not? From gnocchi and Bucatini to pesto and Pomodoro, every product is handcrafted from all-natural ingredients using painstaking production techniques, making it a top choice for professionals and home chefs, alike.

Learn more about Ohio City Pasta.

Ohio City Pasta

NOMaste Plant-Based Cakes
Vegan, Paleo Cheesecakes | Cleveland, OH

Born out of a desire to create a sweet treat that not only tastes great but offers the benefits of natural, raw, vegan and gluten-free ingredients, NOMaste individual-sized cheesecakes are paleo-friendly, come in a variety of creative flavors, and provide a satisfying, wholesome alternative to sugary desserts. Available at Cleveland Heinen’s locations only.

NOMaste Plant-Based Cheesecakes

Mayfield Road Creamery
Farmstead Artisan Cheeses | Orwell, OH

Family-owned and operated Mayfield Road Creamery produces a range of farmstead cheeses that reflect the high quality of life enjoyed by their happy herd of Holsteins, which spends every minute of the summer knee-deep in pastures. The “girls” are milked twice daily in a generations-old barn, yielding hormone-free milk that goes into handmade, unpasteurized cheeses that are carefully aged on-site in a variety of popular styles. Available at Cleveland Heinen’s locations only.

Learn more about Mayfield Road Creamery.

Mayfield Road Creamery Dill Havarti

Cleveland Kitchen
Fermented Sauerkraut and Salad Dressings | Cleveland, OH

Rich in probiotics and packing a tangy punch, the fermented kraut and dressings from Cleveland Kitchen are a delicious way to kick your menu up a notch. Made with locally- sourced ingredients from Midwestern farms, the crunchy krauts and one-of-a-kind dressings deliver plenty of gut-enhancing bacteria in every vegan, gluten-free bite.

Learn more about Cleveland Kitchen.

Cleveland Kitchen Sauerkraut and Salad Dressings

Mocina Coffee
100% Clean Coffee | Cleveland, OH

Thanks to strong ties with their partner farms, Mocina Coffee has access to some of the best beans in Central America. Everything from picking to roasting is completed on the farm, creating year-round employment for the community. Beyond ensuring their impeccable provenance, Mocina staffers also lab test the beans for purity and certify them as free from pesticides, mold toxins and other contaminants that may be harmful to your health. Available at Cleveland Heinen’s locations only.

Learn more about Mocina Coffee.

Mocina Coffee

Midwest-Made Products

Lillie’s Q
Authentically Crafted Barbecue Sauces and Chips | Chicago, IL

Founded by Chicago chef and BBQ champ Charlie McKenna, Lillie’s Q roots stretch back to South Carolina, where Grandma Lillie practiced the art of true Southern cooking. Today, having earned a host of awards on the competitive barbecue circuit, Lillie’s Q offers Heinen’s shoppers Southern-inspired barbecue sauces and small-batch kettle chips made with 100-percent natural ingredients. Available at Chicago Heinen’s locations only.

Learn more about Lillie’s Q.

Lillie's Q Barbecue Sauces

Tulip Tree Creamery
Small Batch, Handcrafted Cheeses | Indianapolis, IN

Based on traditional European recipes – with the owners’ own special twists –Tulip Tree Creamery’s award-winning cheeses are made with pasteurized milk from small family dairy farms. All of their cheeses are crafted with non-animal rennet, making them suitable for those on vegetarian diets.

Learn more about Tulip Tree Creamery.

Tulip Tree Creamery Cheeses

Path of Life
Simple Quinoa and Cauliflower Blends | Naperville, IL

Founded in 2015, this family-owned company creates frozen side dishes from clean, simple ingredients like quinoa, cauliflower, kale, corn, beans and more. Developed to be both tasty and easy to prepare, these wholesome blends are just right for microwave or stove-top cooking.

Learn more about Path of Life.

Path of Life Asian Wok Quinoa Blend

The Cookie Dough Café
Gourmet Edible Cookie Dough | Bloomington, IL

Founded by sisters Joan Pacetti and Julia Schmid, this woman-owned and -operated business aims straight for your sweet spot with its high-quality, butter-based, edible cookie dough. Don’t bother firing up the oven: Beyond being certified Kosher, all flavors are preservative-free and egg-free, making them safe to enjoy right out of the refrigerated carton.

Learn more about The Cookie Dough Café.

The Cookie Dough Cafe Edible Cookie Dough

Interested in trying these Midwest-made favorites? Order them online for Curbside Grocery Pickup or Delivery.

Elaine Cicora

By Elaine Cicora

Elaine T. Cicora is a well-seasoned food writer, restaurant critic and editor whose byline has appeared in publications including Scene, Edible Cleveland, Cleveland Magazine and The New York Times. Her work has been recognized with awards from the James Beard Foundation, the Society for Professional Journalists, the Cleveland Press Club, the Association of Food Journalists and Les Dames d'Escoffier International, who honored her with the MFK Fisher Award for Excellence in Culinary Writing. When not growing, cooking, eating or writing about food, Elaine can often be found on her bicycle, trying to pedal away the consequences. Head Shot Credit: Beth Segal Photography

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